The exciting career without “downs”

We know, that every our Client wants success in his exciting basketball career. In this word “exciting” – we assure you – Clients have ups and downs. Sometimes there are bumpy roads, while we all think it’s gonna be a highway. In order to “ride” thru your career in a smooth way, we, as agents, use all the contributors we can. Legal advising is crucial in this business and in front of the Courts and Arbitration, we wanted to cooperate with the best. We allied with Effori Sports Law.

About Effori Sports Law

Effori Sports Law is a boutique international sports legal firm based London.Effori Sports Law advises clubs, athletes, agents, intermediaries and international sports federations and has successfully represented his clients in disciplinary, regulatory, contractual and doping disputes in proceedings before the Court of Arbitration for Sport, Basketball Arbitral Tribunal, FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber, FIFA Players’ status committee, FEI Tribunal, FIA International Court of Appeal and other international sports federations’ decision-making bodies.

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